If you have been designing with WordPress you’ll agree with me that Plugins are what makes WordPress thick.  Thousands of plugins are being created and released every day. With the mobile devices taking over everywhere, it will only be wise for you to adapt to this new wave. Buttons For Mobile is created with this in mind. With Buttons For Mobile WordPress Plugin, you will enjoy so many benefits including making your website mobile user friendly. This plugin will display between 1 – 3 buttons maximum either at the end of the webpage or at the top of it. You have to decide on whether to place the buttons at the top or at the end of the web page. What Are The Key Features Of “Buttons For Mobile” This WordPress plugin is created in such away that the user controls everything about the button. Here are some of the key features:
  • You choose the function of the button – the choice is yours to make regarding the function you want the button to carry out when clicked on. Like email, call, map or a hyperlink.
  • Color – you choose your desired color for the button and text.
  • Location – you also decide on which part of the webpage the button will be placed. Is it at the top or at the end? The choice is yours.
  • You can create different buttons for different pages -  depending on what you want.
What Can I Do With This Plugin With this plugin, you can
  • Direct users to other webpages internally
  • It can be a hyperlink to any other website
  • Let them call you
  • Direct them to contact you via email
  • Show them where you are in Google Maps
  • All above are done in one click by the user!
It is very convenient way to engage your website users as well as make your webpage mobile user friendly. I highly recommend that you get Buttons For Mobile WordPress plugin as it will help reduce your site bounce rate.  
Link to a location map:

Link to any hyperlink:

Link to immediate phone call: